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To get to MY finish line, I have to go all out and do whatever it takes." That common motto is exactly what drove Jared Graves to consider quitting his job. He moved from oil and gas to real estate –and left a great paying salary to enter into the title business. W2 to business owner, business owner to full time investor, investor to CEO of a Title Company. 

From thinking about owning rentals in real estate to controlling the deals that happened in real estate, he became his own HGTV star flipping houses, closing transactions, making down payments and buying homes and eventually realizing that by helping people close their deals at Citizen Title is a small way to give back and have an impact on the community. 

The youngest of five kids, he was a city kid with country roots. Now, Jared is the father of three kids and one black Labrador named Remi. He has a passion for helping people and self-development.

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To earn your repeat business by performing at a level to exceed your expectations; getting your deal closed and funded in a secure timely manner.



At Citizen Title we strive to provide a standard of high-quality professionalism, customer service and satisfaction to our clients in the real estate closing industry

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